Date TBC                    ARMA commission, Engage and The Tetley, Leeds

Date TBC                    Solo show/participatory project, 16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow

April 20                       Two-Step-3, The Briggait, Wasps, Glasgow (Postponed)

June 20                       Residency exchange, Francoise Tattoo, Lisbon (Postponed)

August 20                   Public participatory tile project with Graft, Lancaster (Postponed)


Solo Exhibitions and Awards

July 20                        Creative Scotland Open Project Funding for Sustaining Practice in a Changed World

March 20                    Tiny Paintings, Mount Florida Gallery and Studios, Glasgow

Jan 19                          Creative Scotland Open Project Funding for Zabludowich Collection Masterclass

April 18                      Creative Scotland Open Project Funding for LOOP for Glasgow International

May 16                        Creative Scotland Open Project Funding for Workings for Glasgow International

May 15                        Creative Scotland Open Project Funding for Local Press for Glasgow Open House

Dec 14                         Glasgow Life Visual Art and Craft Award


Selected Exhibitions/Projects/Residencies

August 20                   Two-Step Woodside Terrace, 8 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow

Jan 20                         Two-Step-2, Stallan Brand, Glasgow

Sept 19                        Mural Project for Shawlands Primary

July 19                        Two-Step, Govan Project Space, Glasgow

Feb 19                          Next Top Model, Govan Project Space, Glasgow

Jan 19                         Gweneva International, Govanhill, Glasgow

Oct 18                          Sim residency, Reykjavik, Iceland

May 18                        LOOP, Glasgow Subway Network, Glasgow International 18

March 18                    Artist Catalogue Launch, Francoise Tattoo, Lisbon

June 17                       Bedroom, Residency at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

June 17                       Block, Commission for Tramway, Glasgow

April 17                       Dreams and Perfume, Glasgow Open House Festival

October 16                 The Clinic, for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Summerhall, Edinburgh

April 16                      Workings, 695 Garscube rd, Glasgow International Festival

April 16                      The Clinic, The Albus, Glasgow International Festival

Sept 15                       Clam Jam, The Royal Standard, Liverpool

July 15                        INBOX, Harrington Mill Studios at Art Athina, Athens

Jan 2015                     Go Mango, Salt + Powell/Caustic Coastal, York

Nov 2014                    UKYA Leicester festival, Two Queens Gallery, Leicester

August 2014               Forecasting, Fabriksgatan 48, Gothenberg, Sweden

April 2014                   Le Swimming, Underground Car Park for Glasgow International